Restoration Company

The restoration of the monarchy in 1660 sparked an explosion of English culture, and ushered in a potent period that produced some of the most sublime sacred music ever written, a large body of highly refined courtly music, and a rich school of wonderfully dramatic theatrical music.

The nucleus of the company consists of an 8-part chamber-choir (SSAATTBB) and an orchestra of 10 – four strings, four winds (Oboes/Recorders, Bassoon), Harpsichord/Organ and Theorbo. The choir is drawn from the Netherlands’ best specialist choral singers, who also perform the vocal solos when appropriate in the clear and refined English manner that best suits the works.

This generates an intimate orchestral sound with the transparency of one-a-part instrumentation, combined with a strong, open choral presence. The size and flexibility of the ensemble accommodate the full breadth of sound colours the music demands without overloading the early repertoire’s particular delicacy. A tailored extension of the forces when the music requires it permits the later, larger works to be presented.

Dearly loved by the public, it is magnificent, moving and highly entertaining repertoire that challenges the connoisseur, and charms the uninitiated.